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What sets us apart is our combined experience of over 25 years of carpentry work, log rot repair or replacement, maintenance, and staining of log homes. We do offer the following services

Power washing and chemical cleaning

This is the use of chemicals to clean the logs and also to kill any mold that has attached to the logs. When pressure washing / rinsing the home there should be no more than 500 PSI at the log surface as not to damage or raise the wood fibers.

Log Home Maintenance

The maintenance aspect would include an inspection of the home for any areas of concern. Then the chemical cleaning and pressure washing the entire home. Also staining if the stain has started to fail.

Wisconsin log home repair

Log Home Restoration

Restoration would bringing the logs back to bare wood. This is usually done if the home was maintenance wasn’t done previously and / or the homeowner wants to go to a lighter color (stain) in the appearance of the home. The Log Home Restoration could include some or all of the following.

Log Home Repair

This could be anything from log corner butt and pass removal and replacement, log (siding, half log, full log) that has failed due to moisture and mold. Log home repair would have a broad scope covering water leaks in the walls, windows, and doors. Flashing doors or windows to protect from water. Replacing or repairing decks and railings.

Log Repair or Replacement

This is done if the log has dry rot and the integrity of the wood has failed. If it is minor sometimes the log can be repaired by removing the face of the log and replacing with a new face log. This is exacting work that our carpenters take pride in doing so you cannot pick out the replaced log face when finished. Some logs especially pass corners if they need to be replaced will have the pass portion replaced with a full log. There are other logs that support the decks and railings. If these start to fail and the base of the logs has dry rot these will need to be replaced. Posts and deck railings if they have started to fail they must replaced for safety concerns.

Chinking / Caulking

This is the sealing material used between logs and other joints on the house to protect from moisture or air infiltration into the home. Over time the expansion and contraction of the home can cause the caulk or chink to fail and will need to be addressed and re-sealed (caulked or chinked). Checks (cracks in the logs) on the top half of the log with a crack of ¼ inch or larger should be caulked to seal out water.

Stain Removal by using chemical stripers or media blasting

This process is when the log home stain has failed to a point that it needs to be removed. There are multiple ways this can be done. One is to use a chemical stripper that will soften the existing stain on the home and then is rinsed off. This might take multiple coats depending how thick the stain is on the home. This process is used when the weather is warmer as water will be used for rinsing the home to remove the chemicals. The other option is to use a media material to remove the stain. This would be a media compound like ground corn cob or glass bead. This product works like sandblasting but is not as aggressive on the wood surface. This process will give the logs a texture similar to a golf ball surface when done. If the homeowner wants a smooth surface then after the media blasting the house will need to be lightly sanded to remove the texture.

Log Home Staining

This is the final step in the process. You should apply a quality stain per manufacturer requirements for the protection of the wood logs.

Log home staining in wisconsin

Carpentry services for interior or exterior repair or additions.

This can be anything from additions, new decks and rails, to pergolas. This is a service we would discuss with you to address your needs.

We service the wisconsin area